Twofer Tuesday: Hello June and No I Won't Forget to Put Roses on Your Grave

Today marks the one and only time in 2021 that Tuesday is the first day of the month. In case you are curious, in 2021 Monday merits 3 first days of the month, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday get 2, while Saturday and Sunday only get one.  (You can flip thru a calendar to verify all of this or if you’re lazy like I am just click here.

So, because this is a Twofer Tuesday we’ll take care of some Buzzy Birthday Business and then leave you with a couple videos.

First the birthdays:

My niece Jean Hofmeister 1 June; my grandson Shawn Ridgell 2 June; Teeny Boy June 11; my sister Donna Jean Taylor 12 June; Kayla McKay 13 June; Lee Carroll 17 June; Cheryl Trossbach and Lois Williams on 18 June; Sheryl Mandeville 22 June; my great nephew Wyatt Taylor 23 June; my nephew Todd Taylor 28 June;  and Michelle Lengel on 29 June.

And speaking of June, I have a friend who has been watching Leave it to Beaver re-runs.   Check out how this video where Beav’s Mom, June Cleaver, tries to explain womens’ evolving roles to him while she’s all dressed up, wearing earrings and pearls and dusting stuff off.  I’m betting that Eddie Haskell could have done a much better job explaining all of this to the clueless Beav.

Music-wise, this song popped into my head the other day when I attended a funeral and sat in the back of the Church.  As the coffin was rolled out after Mass, they stopped opposite me and placed a spray of beautiful, pink roses on top of it.  As everyone proceeded out the door for the procession to the grave yard, all I could think about was this tune.  (Note how Mick Taylor kicks big ass on guitar throughout the song.)

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