Lost Lady Lucky She Found Buzzy's

The other day someone asked me what has been the weirdest, strangest or craziest thing to have occurred during my tenure as Buzzy Jr. and running the Store.  

As you can imagine I have several incidents and things that have gone down during my 14 years that I could possibly cite here but won’t because most of them I’d just as soon not be reminded of.  (I’m talking about those incidents involving  fights, arguments, EMT calls, cars in ditches, tenant complications and issues etc..  Fortunately there haven’t been too many of those, but some of them were “out there.”  I’ll just leave it at that.) 

And yet, I thought about the following Buzzy incident just the other day when someone mentioned how an elderly relative with early stages of dementia had taken off in a car and ended up lost somewhere.  The relative was eventually found and the family was now figuring out the next steps for ensuring that Dad didn’t boogaloo off somewhere again.  (Taking the car keys was an obvious solution but Dad wasn’t having any of that.)

It reminded me of an incident where an elderly lady wandered into Buzzy’s on a Thursday night when Terri Yates was covering the Store for me.   After some searching around here in the Buzzyblog archives, I found the post from 2008 on how a lady named Olga made it safely back home thanks to some help from Terri and Joey Porter.   Here is what I posted back then:

After Terri and Joey successfully returned Olga to her home, we never heard anything more from nor about her and how she made out. I googled “Olga + Silver Spring” and found a couple of obituaries for ladies named Olga but couldn’t determine if it was her or not.   Guess it was one of those meant-to-be-stories in that Olga wandered into Buzzy’s when she did.

Mentioning the Beltway made me think of this song.  Be sure to watch at least until the 1:12 mark when the dancing girl makes an appearance rocking some Chucks!

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