I’ve often wondered why we have had few, if any, Italian restaurants here in the County?  While it seems like we have always had plenty of other “ethnic” places to eat, I can’t recall any decent Italian places to choose from.  (And NO, Olive Garden does not count as to what I’m thinking of when I refer to an Italian restaurant.)

Well guess what?  Now, we do have a place featuring Italian food and it’s right here in Ridge:

(4) Noli’s | Facebook

Noli’s operates out of the Ridge Market (the former Raley’s Store) and is run by Mike and Melissa Altilio.

Stop by and check Noli’s out if you can.  It’s carryout only.  However, after you pick up something good to eat from them, you can go sit at a picnic table outside a Historic Country Store and enjoy it.  Good Italian cuisine being consumed at Buzzy’s – who would have thunk it?

Only one song will do here right?

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