Nelson Dean's Barn – Now Down to Two Cupolas

 My 2012 post titled Three Cupola Barns (click here) included this photo.

Several years later I did another photo and post on the barn comparing its ongoing deterioration to that of watching an old friend going down slowly.   Here is how the barn looked then:
I took this photo just the other day and you can see that it is now only a 2 cupola barn and continues to fade away.  Very sad.

Music-wise a lady named Alison is currently storing her camper at Buzzy’s Country Store.  Every month when she drops in to pay me for doing so, I think of this song.  I’ve debated telling her this but have held off doing so because it is such a sad song and anyway, she’s too young to even remember it.  

Why I thought of it just now with regards to Nelson Dean’s barn may have something to do with the singer “not going to get too sentimental” over something like this, but still heartbroken about it nonetheless.  Christ, after all it’s only a barn.

For more info on barn cupolas (click here) and be sure to read the comments on “hay/heat combustion” where a young boy and girl playing in a hay loft learn all about it.

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