The Vintage Source (Don’s Superette)

Another old County Country Store that has been reincarnated as a gift/collectible/antique store is The Vintage Source located in downtown Compton.   Owned by Michelle and Tyler Radez, It is open on the 3rd Saturday of each month. 

Photo by Steve Raley 

I have done a couple previous Buzzyblog posts featuring The Vintage Source’s predecessor Don’s Superette (click here.)  My buddy Bob Schaller’s father Don owned and operated the business for close to 40 years.  Bob does a nice job explaining the history of the Store here as he discusses this photo:

Wonder What Became of the T-bird?

As stated, The Vintage Source is open on the third Saturday of the month.  I made a visit there recently where I met and talked with owner Michelle (Combs) Radez.  Michelle gave me this post card containing their 2021 schedule:

For more info on The Vintage Source check out their website 
(click here) and/or their FB page (click here.)  Better yet plan on dropping in some 3rd Saturday of the month.

Found this nice little video about an Antique Store.  As nice as it is however, I am still not sure how the young lady slipped out of that short skirt and into that nightgowny outfit soon after she entered the store (00:50 mark.)   

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