A Sad Twofer Tuesday

On this day after the holiday celebration, I’ll bring you down some with this sad little twofer.  It features a couple folks you have probably never heard of but know them by their great songs:  Pete Ham and Tom Evans of Badfinger.  They wrote and recorded several great songs such as No Matter What You Are, Day After Day, and Baby Blue.  Their first hit was with a Paul McCartney song Come and Get It. 

However, the most famous song that they wrote may just be one of my all time least favorites –  Harry Nilsson’s  “Without You.”  It was a depressing song to begin with, but now that I know who the writers were,  it makes me even sadder.  Ultimately, both Ham and Evans committed suicide because they were having money problems.  It makes the “Without You” downer a little too prophetic and self fulfilling in a way.  

Here is the full story of how 2 great musicians got done in by the music business in general but by one shyster in particular (click here.)  Ham became a member of the 27 Club when he hanged himself in 1975 while Evans waited until he was 33 to hang himself in 1983.  In the sordid history of musicians being ripped off by greedy managers (click here)  Badfinger’s experiences may just be the most tragic of them all.

But I don’t want to leave you on such a down note, so here is what VH1 has dubbed the Number 1 Essential Power Pop song of all time – Badfinger’s “No Matter What You Are.”  

I love this song from its opening chords to the song’s false ending where they suddenly stop but then repeat the last line a second time before they conclude.  Too bad that both of Ham and Evans didn’t do something similar in real life and take a little break before deciding to end their own lives.  

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