I Want a New …. Knee?

Happy Birthday today to Hugh Anthony Cregg III.  OK, so you know him as Huey Lewis.  

Huey’s bio (click here) is worth checking out as to his parents and step father, his early life including bumming around Europe after high school and then pursuing a music career for several years before hitting it big in the 80’s and 90’s.  Recently he was diagnosed with a hearing loss resulting from the sudden onset of some weird disease (click here.)  

My medical dealings involve some issues and pain in my right knee.  I think I know how this medical tussle is gonna play out; but despite my post title here, I’m not really looking forward to any knee replacement.  Maybe I should be looking for a new drug instead.  

This is the tune that Huey sued Ray Parker Jr. over after Parker ripped him off on Ghostbusters (click here.)

Buzzy’s is open today so swing by for a post 4th drink.  I promise not to bore you with any medical-related talk.  Like Charlie Simms told someone the other day “This getting old is not for sissies.”

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