Army Shirts – Then and Now

Seeing John Lennon wearing that Army shirt (previous post video @ 3:00 mark) reminded me of just having passed my old Army shirt along to my daughter Reagan.  

I mentioned to Reagan when she was home visiting here a couple weeks ago,  that I still had my old Army shirt but it no longer fit me.  I attribute its not fitting me to that well known phenomena “closet shrink”  whereby clothing items in your closet for an extended number of years will somehow undergo significant shrinkage.  There have actually been studies on this phenomena and as Wally Lamb would say “I Know This Much is True.  

After Reagan asked me if she could have my old Army shirt, I gladly passed it along to her and thereby let it escape any further shrinkage in my closet.  

All of which makes me wonder what Yoko did with John’s famous Army shirt.  Here he is wearing it when they appeared on the Dick Cavett show:

He also wore it at his Madison Square Garden concert in 1972.

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