Ridge Lions Pitch Party 6 August

When my buddy John Martin sent me the following flyer touting their upcoming Lions Club Pitch Party and asked if I could feature it here on the Buzzyblog, I of course agreed to do so.  

However, once I looked the flyer over, I quickly noticed that it contained a very misleading and incorrect image on it (and no I’m not talking about the appearance of Charlie Tennyson seated there in the photo.  Fact is, Charlie was a good choice to appear in a photo promoting the event!)  

But take a minute to look the rest of the flyer over and see if the “mistake” on it doesn’t jump out at you as it did to me. 

I am referring to the hand of cards shown in the flyer’s upper left corner.  If you don’t see why it is problematic, then you are not a pitch player.  

What’s being shown in the flyer is an ideal POKER hand as in a Royal Flush.  For Pitch players, the ideal hand to be shown would contain 6 cards and would include the 2 of hearts for low.

Note too, that in my photo I took the liberty of showing the perfect Pitch hand as a right handed person would hold it with the higher to lower cards arranged from the left to the right.  As pointed out to me by my buddy Pat Woodburn, the Lions’ Club Poker hand appears to be the way a left hander would hold it.  (I’ve never really thought about how left handers hold their cards until just now.  May have to investigate this further. )

Of course any “perfect pitch hand” conversation is only relevant if you are playing the Pitch variety where low is yours throughout the hand.  Some folks play “catch low” meaning that whomever captures the lowest card gets the point for low.  (For a good explanation of the varieties of Pitch (click here.) 

Bottom line is that you should ignore all of my nit picking here about the flyer and plan on attending the Ridge Lions Club Pitch Party next Friday night.  How you hold your cards is up to you.

P.S.  Couple years back, I entertained the thought of maybe organizing and hosting a Pitch Party of sorts at Buzzy’s Country Store.  However, the logistics and hassles involved in organizing such an event made me ultimately say “Skip it.”  It sure is hell to get old AND lazy.  (Then again, maybe those two traits just go together.)

Music-wise, check out how John Lennon and the number 9 were connected (click here) and then listen to this tune that he recorded on his 9th solo album.  He released this tune as a single and it went to Number 9 on Billboard’s Top 100.  

As for the song’s chorus “Ah! böwakawa poussé, poussé”, it was a clever way to get around the censors and say the word pussy in the song  (Funny that the censors never had a problem with Tom Jones singing it in What’s New in Pussy Cat.)  That pussy only has 5 letters, the guess is that John couldn’t find an appropriate 9 letter word to slip in there.   Whatever gets you thru the night right John?

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