Steph and Shea at Dennis Point With Friends

L-R Rob and Jess Gripentrog, Matt and Vanessa Burgan and their 3 boys Parker, Paxton and Crew, Dennis Edwards, Shea, Emma, Steph, Shawn and Lily, Jamie and Brittany Quade (in front of them are Bro and Meredith Swan who belong to Justina and Brian Swann, then Some Old Geezer In a Hat standing next to Amanda and BJ Peterson with their sons Liam and Levi.

While it was not exactly a going away dinner, then again I guess that it was.  Steph and Shea went to settlement on their Piney Point home last week and immediately afterwards Steph and the kids Emma, Shawn and Lily headed South.  (Shea is staying here in the Point while their house in Marathon is being built after which he will then join them there.)

To celebrate all this goodness, they met up with some friends for a “going away” dinner at Dennis Point Marina Thursday night.  I managed to arrive and crash the party just as a very nice waitress took this pic of everyone.  Good friends, good time, good photo.

They say that every ending has a new beginning so here’s wishing Steph, Shea and fam good luck with this exciting new chapter in their lives.  That said, I’m still kinda sorry to see them be moving so far away.  Like Carol once asked “Doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore?”

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