Greg at the Track

Photos by Bertie Birch

Greg and His Pit Manager – Sir Richard

Bertie Birch sent these photos of Greg with his Fairlane at Bud’s Creek a few weeks back (click here.)  Greg will be making a return visit there this Friday night.  (So far he’s not picked up on my suggestion of White Demon as a name for the Fairlane.)

The staff at Billboard recently compiled their Top 100 Greatest Car Songs (click here.)  It’s a fairly diverse list with a little of every kinda car song ever recorded.  For instance, Robert Johnson from 1936 checks in #74 with Terraplane Blues where he laments that someone’s been driving his car while he’s been gone.  No wonder he’s got the blues.

This is how the Billboard folks introduced their results:

we’ve compiled a list of our staff’s 100 favorite driving songs, spanning each of the past 10 decades of auto tunes. Most are of course road-focused, but not all; we wanted to pay tribute to the car’s place in music history as not just a transportation tool but a status symbol, a metaphor for excitement and escape, and a place for whatever backseat business needs to be accomplished. 

P.S.  When I saw Bruce at the wheel of a pink car in Billboard’s lead in photo (above) I knew that he was on the list for Pink Cadillac.  But guess what?  While the list was very PC (maybe too much so) there was no PC as in Pink Cadillac to be found on it.  Hot Rod Lincoln didn’t make it either.  WTF?  

Then again, I’m sure that the staff at Billboard doesn’t have a lot of white, 70 year old geezers working there who contributed to this list.  (For other old fart complaints about the Billboard list (click here.))
Chuck’s Maybelline didn’t make the list either.  Come on Billboard people – why can’t you be true?

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