Accident At Buzzy's

When I heard the BOOM outside Buzzy’s Country Store yesterday afternoon my first thought was “What are we doing having thunder? It’s not supposed to storm.”  Turns out it was a storm of a different sort as two vehicles collided in front of Buzzy’s.  The Baynet summed it up as follows:

Ridge Volunteer Fire Department had a number of photos and a description of the accident (click here.)

As shown, both vehicles were in pretty bad shape but fortunately the drivers were not seriously injured even though they were both taken to the hospital to be evaluated.   The biggest casualty to my Buzzy property was the Buzzy sign in front of the Store:

Jennifer Surveying Damages

Ned Pratt sent me the following pic which made me think “Wow, been a long time since I’ve had a cold beer in the bushes at Buzzy’s.”

They say that any accident you walk away from is a good accident.  Given that the drivers of these 2 vehicles didn’t exactly “walk away” this then was a “bad” accident.  However, it could have been a lot worse given the circumstances.  Note:  For those of you who make the trip up and down the road past Buzzy’s, I encourage you to be a little extra careful negotiating the Buzzy turn there as folks tend to speed thru it.  Don’t want anymore unscheduled thunder storms. 

Speaking of when it thunders, check out Stevie from 40 years ago obviously a little off performance-wise with the sound being messed up and maybe a little due to her choice of drugs, but still, it’s classic Stevie.  I don’t know what line I like better from this song “I keep my visions to myself” or “Women come and women will go.” 

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