Baseball Dreams and Bloopers

I missed the Field of Dreams’ game played Thursday night but was able to catch the beginning of it on this video (click here.)  

On the subject of baseball and video’s though here is a fun little waste of time for you – Watch and Select Baseball’s All Time Best Bloopers (click here.)  There are some good ones in there ranging from Jose Canseco having the ball bounce off his head for a home run to Rodney McCray (click here) running thru the outfield wall.  

However, my vote has to go to Tommy Lasorda and the Philly Fanatic who literally run away with this contest.  Here is that skirmish which I have discussed previously (click here.)

Too, I found this behind-the-scenes story as told by the dude who actually was the Philly Fanatic when Tommy started whaling on him.  Bottom line, he and Tommy had done this little stunt many times before but on this occasion Tommy had become the Slim Fast spokesperson and obviously didn’t like being made fun of anymore.


Ridge American Legion Steak Dinner tonite. You know where to visit either before or afterwards.

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