First Pitches -The Nun Could Do It!

How about a quick followup to yesterday’s baseball bloopers which had 50 Cents’ first pitch as one of the candidates for best blooper?  

While 50’s was pretty bad, check out these 4 others which could have just as easily been on the blooper list too.  (Note: one of the commentators said that it was somewhat surprising to see the Kardashian ladies were so awful handling balls when they have built a career on doing just that!)  A personal observation here – it doesn’t matter how poorly Mariah Carey did, she can roll a baseball to me any day all day with no complaints.)  

On the other end of the first pitch spectrum, here are some of the best ones. And since it is Sunday, you can consider watching Sister Mary Jo as fulfillment of your Sunday obligation.

P.S.  In case you are wondering about the validity of Sister Mary Jo as I did, turns out that she indeed was the real deal (click here.)  She even has her own baseball card.  Maybe she should start rapping.

OK, here’s some 50 for you with some nice shots of Monaco.  

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