Stella 2

When I thought about something to say regarding our finally getting out of Afghanistan, Stella McCartney came to mind.  Maybe I should clarify – Stella’s shirt came to mind because this is what she wore to her Dad’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  (As for the backstory to why she wore that shirt (click here) and scroll down.)

However, as I was doing the whole snip and clip thing here, somewhere in the recesses of my not-so-total-recall mind, it dawned on me that perhaps I had used this photo, or one like it, previously here on the Buzzyblog.  A quick search revealed that yes, 10 years ago I had done so and check out what the subject was:

“I’m Like Obama I Want Change”


All of which leads me to hope that maybe this time it really is about f’ing time.  Here’s hoping that 10 years from now (assuming I make it to then) I won’t be serving up Stella 3 on our getting out of Afghanistan.

Only one song will do here and yes, I’ve played it many times previously:

Click here on how the Temptations, who first recorded the song on an album, were afraid to release it as a single for fear that it was too controversial and would hurt their reputations.  Edwin Starr stepped up and and said “Huh, bring it on.  Good God y’all!”  His grunt has got to be up there on the list of best grunts in rock history don’t you think?  

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