Twofer Tuesday – Sophia and Pixie

When my main guy Brian Barnhill does his “Goodness-Gracious-Me” India-based impersonation in Buzzy’s Country Store, I always laugh at and enjoy it.  However, I never knew that it was actually a line from a song in a Peter Sellers/Sophia Loren movie The Millionairess until I stumbled upon the following videos:

Turns out that in real life Sophia actually did manage to sweep Sellers off his feet and make his heart go boom boody boom.  Sellers left his wife and family to pursue Sophia (click here for story.)

The first Millionairess movie was filmed in 1960.  A remake of it came out in 1985 starring Rowan Atkinson and Pixie Lott.  Check out  their take on the scene.

Pixie is good; but hey, Sophia is Sophia.  Goodness, gracious me!

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