Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil

In Buzzy’s Country Store the other day, as an 80’s song began to play, David Norris asked me if I recognized the band who did it.   After I said no, he informed me “Midnight Oil.”  

Later, I did a little research on Midnight Oil and learned that they are a group out of Australia (click here) and they are still around.  

Moreover, I learned that they are very politically active in that many of their songs deal with political issues.  For example, their 1987 hit Beds Are Burning, the one that David recognized, discusses aboriginal rights to land that was taken from them.  Given the many times that I have heard this song however, I never got any of that until now.   To watch the official video that was released with the song (click here.)  The  following video contains the lyrics for you to read.  Even if the tune is a little dated, the message still seems relevant to many of today’s events.  (Check out below what one of the commentators had to say.)  

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