Baseball Eulogy

I guess MLB is now at the 3/4’s pole.  (Ok, so I mixed-metaphored a horse racing reference in with a baseball item, just say I Bucknered it!)  


Yankee Stadium – 2012

Bottom line however, is that both of our local teams pathetically suck.  The Orioles, having lost 18 in a row, now stand at a miserable 38-85,  and currently are in 1st place for being the worst team in baseball.  The D’backs at 42-83 are a couple of games behind the O’s for the Worst Team Title if there is such a thing.  However, my money is on the Orioles to cinch that title because when it comes to losing ball games they have all the right (wrong?) moves.  In fact, I find myself watching them just to see what creative ways they are going to pull off to piss away any given game.  It’s been an amazing run for my boys.  

And speaking of runs, the Orioles run differential i.e. the difference between the number of runs the other team scores and the number that your team scores  is a MLB worst -233.  By comparison, the second worst run differential team, the Pirates, have a differential of -189.  With approximately 40 games to go this season, the O’s look like a lock to win both the Worst Team and the Worst Run Differential titles.

The 53-70 Nationals have also been playing some Bucknered-up ball.  While they have not been as awful as the O’s have been, they are 5-14 in August.  They continue to rotate players back and forth with their minor league teams to see what they do or don’t have for next season.  The results haven’t exactly generated any hopes for the future but with baseball being so unpredictable, who knows? 

Brady and I will head to Atlanta this Saturday for our annual baseball trip and catch the Braves playing the Giants.  Two first place and good teams, both of whom are playing great ball, it should be fun to watch them compete versus the painful experience of trying to watch our local boys not compete.  The Braves have won 16 of their last 18 games.  The Giants are only the best team in baseball and have won 80 games this season.  Anyone want to bet that the Giants’ season end total wins will exceed that of the Orioles and Nationals combined?  O’s and Nats currently have won 93 combined games but I’m thinking that the Giants will ultimately eclipse both of their totals wins for the season.  Hell, the Orioles may not win another game!  Very sad way to end the season.  I won’t forget to put some roses on their graves. 

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