Mom on the Farm

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about Mom’s trip to the farm upon their return visit to Maryland, here are some other photos of her during that visit.  Obviously Buzzy was into taking photos of her on this occasion because these are the most pics that Mom ever appeared in at one event.  (Remember she was usually the one taking all of the photos.)  

Mom Holding Up a Rabbit and Then Holding Granddaddy Ridgell at Gun Point

I think Granddaddy is holding a chicken in his right hand.  Probably dinner.  Regarding the photo of Mom with the rabbit, note the concrete design in the ground that she is standing next to.  It was a star-shaped structure that I never did know the story behind it as to who did it and what, if anything, it represented.  However, I do recall the magnolia tree that it surrounded.  Good excuse to play my favorite Dead song:

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