Straight to the Point – Why Not?

Photo by Jennifer Odell

Last week MDOT posted this sign just above Buzzy’s Country Store at Harry James Road advertising Traffic Disruptions Effective today 3 August.  

Folks coming into the Store thru the week and the weekend then asked me about the sign and I told them that MDOT was rerouting the road so that it would run straight into Buzzy’s.  Some folks actually believed me which made me wonder if I was really that good at being a Trumpian kinda guy who could tell people absolute bullshit and they would believe it, or if they really did believe that the MDOT folks were crazy enough to actually do such a thing.  (I didn’t followup to ascertain why they thought I was or wasn’t being honest with them.)  

Then just yesterday, The Baynet ran this article talking about the real reason for the sign:

Lane Shift Will Assist MDOT SHA Improvement Project At Point Lookout State Park Tuesday | | | Articles

For more info on the overall road project click here MDOT SHA MD5 Causeway to Camp Brown Rd (SM7745118) (

This “paves the way” (get it?) for me to do a mini-rant here on the project which, if you recall, was Governor’s Hogan’s reason for visiting Buzzy’s way back in 2016 to first announce it (click here.)  

Fact is, I’m not that pissed about the time that it has taken for them to start and to execute the project as much as I am about the State’s overall plan on how they are doing the upgrade.  You see, I think that the State should have taken the road less travelled and avoided all this needless discombobulation to folks by making the road a straight shot to the State Park as I’ve shown here:

The State already owns all of the property shown in green.  Why didn’t they just route the road through what they already owned rather than expand and  screw with the old i.e. current road?  They could have avoided having to take people’s frontage as well as not have to shut down parts of the current road while they do their upgrades.  (For reference purposes, think of the construction of the Hughesville by pass a few years back where they simply constructed the new road east of downtown Hughesville with little to no impacts on the old road.  Why didn’t the State pursue something similar with the Pt. Lookout project?  Again, THEY ALREADY OWNED ALL OF THE PROPERTY.  (It brings up another issue of why they don’t do something with parts of that property to increase the Park’s overall capacity, but that’s a topic for another day.)

Yesterday I visited with my Number 1 buddy Mike Raley and he was watching Oliver Stone’s 1991 movie The Doors.  Mike was always a big Jim Morrison fan and we often went back and forth about who was the better front man, Jim or Mick.  Mike spoke from experience because he had seen Morrison perform whereas I never did.  

The movie does a good job of portraying what Jim was like in concert.  However, the following “Road” video also gives you an idea of what Jim was like on stage.  Wait for the great line “Well I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer” (3:30 mark.)  Supposedly, according to Alice Cooper, Jim got that line from him (click here for that story.)

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