Trifecta Birthday Tuesday at Buzzy's

Yesterday at Buzzy’s Country Store we celebrated the birthdays of Karen Quade, JW Raley and Rita Weaver.

Rita, JW and Karen

Lots of food, a couple of cakes and each of the honorees buying a round made for a very festive Tuesday afternoon at Buzzy’s.

My thanks and appreciation to everyone who brought food and joined in the birthday wishes for three good friends.  In particular, thank you to Kim Wiley for all her help and support.

Someone asked me if this was Buzzy’s first trifecta birthday party and I told them about my Aunt Aileen’s, Ben Forrest’s and Herbie McKay’s trifecta parties back in the day.  I even did a post on it 10 years ago (click here.)   My Goddaughter Katie’s Carpe Diem poem in memory of Aileen is worth reprinting here:
Carpe diem – seize the day
take all your troubles and throw them away.
Let people know how you feel,
when you buy diamonds, make sure they’re real.
Don’t hold a grudge, but never forget,
pretend to live without regret.
Bask in the sun and ignore the rain,
end each meal with a glass of champagne.
Notice smiles but memorize tears,
don’t be afraid of your own fears.
Things aren’t always as bad as they seem,
and everything’s better with a little ice cream.
Say what you mean and mean what you say,

carpe diem – seize the day. 

Music-wise, here is a nice party song/video for you.  (If you don’t care to watch the entire video be sure to at least check in at the 2:30 mark to catch the bar room party scene.  While Buzzy’s wasn’t exactly like that yesterday, it felt like it.)

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