A Friend Indeed

 Found this among some of Mom’s cards and papers:

Made me curious as to who said it first and was a little surprised to learn the following:

Awhile back I had a conversation with someone who noted that he wasn’t as friend-focused as I am.  He noted “I’m a little more cavalier about my friends than you are.”  While trying to avoid replying “And that explains why you don’t have many friends,” I instead noted “Different strokes for different folks.”

As to why friends rate so highly on my value scale, I can’t explain why that is nor how it came to be.  However, I have always had many good friends and have always tried to be a good friend to and for them in return.  There’s something about that dynamic that seems to work well for me.  After 70 years of tromping around this country store called Earth, I have learned that in life, you really do get what you give. 

Here is a good account of the friendship between John and Paul thru the years (click here.)  John’s final words to Paul came back to him via a Carl Perkins’ song:
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P.S. A quick follow up/addition to yesterday’s post on waiting: Brian, you were right, this is the song that I should have played:

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