Labor Day – A Good Excuse to Drink

Then again, any day you find yourself up and about is a good excuse to drink so Labor Day is no different. 

Labor Day had its origins in the late 1800’s when workers began taking the day off to demand better working conditions and higher pay (click here.)   Parades and picnics became the order of the day as it evolved from a protest activity to become one of a party atmosphere.   This from an 1887 NY Times article:
What Is Labor Day? A History of the Workers’ Holiday. – The New York Times (

Of course at Buzzy’s Country Store, every day is a liquidly day.  So drop in and have one or two if you are out and about today or tomorrow.

Check out this tune that I may just have to petition Low Cut Connie to redo and call it Buzzyophilia. Guess it doesn’t matter where they say it is as long as they are singing about sipping some suds.  

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