A Look Back – September 2008

In spite of Satchel’s advice to not look back because something might be gaining on you, I revisited my earliest Buzzyblog posts done in September and found these three from 2008.

The first one commemorated Buzzy’s Last $1.00 Beer Party. 

   .————————————————————————————————————————–As noted Buzzy was living in Bayside Nursing Home in 2008.  In early 2009 he relocated to Charlotte Hall Veterans Home where he passed away in June 2009.

Back then I was not doing a blogpost every day as I do now so my next post in September was not until the 13th.  I did a follow up post about the party and included a video made by Lori McKay.  However, for some reason, the video has since disappeared and I could not make the link do its thing and show it.  Those gremlins again I guess.

My last 2008 September post provided an update on Buzzy’s health and our attempts to have a land line installed in his room at the nursing home.  I remember that when I told him we were having the phone installed, the first thing he said was “What’s that going to cost me?”  I told him “Nothing because I’m going to pay for it.”  He came back with “Naw, I’ll pay for it.  But I still don’t think I need one.”

When Brady and I were touring the ritzy residential Tuxedo Park area of Atlanta a few weeks back, our tour guide pointed out a huge mansion and stated that it was T.I.’s home.  I asked Brady who he was and he simply said “A rapper.”  That explained why I didn’t know who he was.  

So, imagine my surprise just now when I tracked down Billboard’s Number 1 song on the charts in September of 2008:

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