Brittany and AJ's Gender Reveal Party at Buzzy's

Got Your Attention But Please Read On

When my friend Janet Whitt asked me a few weeks back about hosting her Granddaughter Brittany’s and husband AJ’s gender reveal party at Buzzy’s Country Store I of course agreed to do so .  However, I was curious as to how it would play out because in the history of parties at Buzzy’s, we have never held one like that. 

Thus, yesterday Janet, Brittany and AJ hosted several of their family and friends at Buzzy’s for what I am now referring to as “The Best Gender Reveal Party Ever.”  (OK, that might be a bit of an overstatement considering some of those elaborate gender reveals seen floating around on TV and Youtube.  However, I can say with certainty that it was the best gender reveal party ever held at Buzzy’s.

Brittany had been to the Doctor a couple weeks back for blood work that would reveal the sex of her’s and AJ’s baby.  Brittany asked that the results be sent to AJ’s sister Marissa.  Yesterday then Marissa acted as “The Gender Keeper.”  Brittany herself still did not know the sex of her baby.

The reveal itself was pretty dramatic as AJ’s brother Jarred made the announcement via a burnout:

Note for more photos and a film of the actual reveal go to Brittany’s FB page (click here.)

Everyone was looking on and became excited to learn that Brittany and AJ’s daughter Kinslee will soon be having a little brother.  Great Grandma Janet will now be great once again.  However, we all already knew that she was great.
Janet and Kinslee

Good time and my thanks to Janet, Brittany, AJ and all their family and friends for making the trip down to Buzzy’s to celebrate such a special occasion.  And yes, everyone was there for the “sex” and the beer!

 And speaking of things being blue check out this video from Uncle Cracker:

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