Life’s A Beach And Then There Is Annette

OK, one last water-related item and then I’ll get back to terra firma-based stuff tomorrow.

Obligatory Ocean Sunrise Photo Taken From Carol and Gary’s Condo Balcony

Having spent a couple days in Ocean City last week with friends Carol and Gary Kurtz, I have been in a life-is-a-beach frame of mind since my visit to the shore.  (Trust me, when I tell you that “life-is-a-beach” frame of mind is a far preferable view of life as opposed to the polar opposite view that “life-is-a-bitch.”  Here then is some simple advice for you, try staying with the “life-is-a-beach” frame of mind as much as you can.)

But somewhere in my mental wanderings about and on the beach, I stumbled upon thinking about beach movies and all the  music, surfing, and partying featured in them.   Thus, when I made it back to reality, I went looking for and found this excellent listing of the best beach movies of all time.  It merits the descriptive “excellent” not so much because I agree with all of its selections, but because all you have to do is scroll thru the listing versus doing that click bait schtick of having to endure a slide show with ads and other crap that wastes your time.  

There are a couple movies on the list I would single out as personal favorites: Jaws (#5), The Descendants (18) and of course Weekend at Bernies (8.)   My overall favorite however, is Endless Summer (4) for sentimental reasons.  Buzzy and I toured South Africa where we saw the “perfect wave” beach that was featured in the movie (click here for that story.) 

But hey, who am I kidding?  We all know that nothing tops Annette and all her classic beach movies such as Beach Blanket Bingo.  Here she is in this video duetting with some guy named Frankie who is still around (click here.)   As for wondering if he and Annette ever really did play any “bingo” on that beach blanket, this source says no click here.

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