Swimming – Pt 2

Wellness & Aquatics Center – St. Mary’s County, MD (stmarysmd.com)

Speaking of swimming, I just learned that the County has recently opened a Wellness Aquatic Center (WAC) in Leonardtown at the College of Southern Maryland campus (the former Academy grounds for us old farts.)  

This is in addition to the other County pool open to the public adjacent Great Mills High School. The Leonardtown WAC also features a warm water therapy pool, a weight training room and 2 group fitness/dance studios.  Here is a good video tour of the facility:

I have yet to check out this new Leonardtown facility, but I can vouch for the Great Mills Pool.  You see back before Covid struck, I was taking my Grandson Shawn to Great Mills High School each morning.  (He was in the STEM program there and due to some bus disconnect and him being in the Leonardtown School District he needed to get to school on his own each morning.  I volunteered to take him every day.  After school Shawn would sometimes catch the bus down to Buzzy’s Country Store and I would take him back home too.)   

While going was no problem in the a.m., exiting Great Mills High School was.  The school traffic Barney Fifes would not permit those of us dropping kids off to then exit back out the entrance with the traffic light.  We were directed out the side parking lot by the County Pool access road.  Making a left then onto Great Mills Road at that time of morning was dicey, so I began hitting the pool.  Thus, it was a win-win in that I got some exercise in and avoided the traffic.   

I did enjoy the swimming, but I must confess it was a somewhat humbling experience.  I would putz around in the shallow end of the huge pool as the more accomplished swimmers did numerous laps non-stop.  As I did so, watching them effortlessly knock out several laps non-stop, I felt like that kid stuck in right field.  

Note that ultimately, however I did manage to work my way up to being able to a least do one lap without stopping.  Had Covid not struck and ended my workouts, who knows, I may have even hit 2 laps thus doubling my accomplishment.  The older you get, the smaller your goals become. 

Music-wise then, since I alluded to this phenomena, check this out:

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