St. James General Store (The Other One)

Sherry and Dave Thompson’s St. James Deli (above) is getting closer and closer to re-opening.  They are hoping to do so in the next couple of months so watch for it.   I took these photos just the other day.

Note the Crosses Installed Across the Front

But way up on New York’s Long Island they also have a St. James Store that claims to be the oldest continuously open general store in the United States.  This St. James Store is so famous that it even has its own Wiki entry for it (click here.)   (Quick digression – makes me wonder what it takes to get a Wiki entry?  That might just be my first 2022 goal and resolution – to get  Buzzy’s Country Store on Wiki.)  

Too I found this article describing the NY St. James Store.

Also found this nice little video on the store and its history (click here.)  

However, even if St. James is a throwback and a step back in time, that doesn’t preclude modern day crapola from darkening their doorstep.  When I went to their Facebook page I found this complaint posted right below their Merry Christmas blurb.

Leads me to conclude that perhaps a reason why the St. James’ folks have managed to keep their doors open continuously for so many years is because, when in doubt, they choose to err on the side of caution.  Something the following guys were never accused of doing.  (Note that I stumbled upon this when looking for tunes about Jekyll and Hyde.  It’s funny, even if a little off color so be ready to punch if you are easily offended.)

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