Busy Thursday Night

NFL kicks off tonight with defending Super Bowl champs the Buccaneers and Tommy taking on America’s Team the Cowboys.  Bucs are a whopping 7 1/2 point favorite which seems like a lot to me but early in the season no one really knows what to expect.  (For that matter, the NFL can be tricky to predict even later in the season when some trends set in.)  

However, NFL is an acronym meaning Not For Long and Tommy Boy has been doing it waaaay too long.  Time for him to just fade away isn’t it?  I’ll take Dak and the Boys with the points and maybe even flat out for the upset win.

But the even bigger event taking place tonight occurs in uptown Ridge, Maryland:


Speaking of fading away, check this Mike Douglas video out from 1964.  Only 2 of the Stones shown here are still rolling.  (Bill Wyman is alive and well but in retirement.)  Always liked the drumming on this one from The Man – Charlie Watts who passed a couple weeks ago.  

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