RLS Redux

My reference to Buzzy’s Country Store being a Jekyll and Hyde operation yesterday reminded me that I had planned to do a Robert Louis Stevenson follow up.  Here is why he merits an encore appearance here on the Buzzyblog:

Recall last week how I found that nice little friend quote in Mom’s papers that read “A friend is a present you give yourself.”  I stated at the time that I was surprised to learn that it was originally said/written by Stevenson.  I was surprised because I have always associated him with writing action-based things like Treasure Island, Kidnapped and of course Jekyll and Hyde.  The quote then seemed a little too nice or tame for him to have written it.  

Then again, confession time as in “Forgive me Literary Father for I have sinned” but my ignorance of RLS and his works stems from not having read any of his poetry nor other “nice” stuff.  For that matter, I never read the stuff of his that I was supposed to have read because I had him stashed in what I call my Cliff Notes’ File.  

You know the file.  It is the one with all those famous dudes and dudettes whom you were supposed to have read in high school but opted instead to just do the Cliff Notes’ shortcut.  I still have my trusty “cheat book” shown here.   

Sure enough, RLS has 4 entries.  

Charles Dickens is the only author who appears more than 4 times in the above book.  I thought it was appropriate to mention that because I also learned that RLS ranks Number 26, only one spot behind Dickens, for the most translated author in the world (click here,)  

This is pretty remarkable considering that Stevenson died at the young age of 44.  He died from a cerebral hemorrhage while he was opening a bottle of wine.  (Those old cork screws never were very good.)  He was residing in Samoa where he is buried overlooking the sea. 


He wrote the following which is inscribed on his tomb and was made into a song:

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