Two Conversations

Twofer Tuesday, so allow me to tell you about two very different conversations that I had with some folks who dropped into Buzzy’s Country Store over this past holiday weekend. 

First off, a couple stopped in shortly after I opened early Sunday morning and caught me crying over something I was watching on T-V.  (I’ll play that video for you later and you’ll see why I was crying.)  

As I regained my composure, the couple informed me that they had driven by the Store the day before on their way to Point Lookout and seeing my parking lot full, they wanted to return and check things out.  I explained to them my Jekyll and Hyde operation where during the early part of the day, Buzzy’s is a sleepy little country store but eventually it turns into a redneck bar as the day goes on.  Hence my parking lot empty early and full later.

They laughed and browsed around some noting that they had the same stove in their home in Asheville, North Carolina.  When I asked them about living in North Carolina they informed me that they were originally from Wisconsin.  I told them about Brady’s and my experience in trying to drive across Wisconsin from Minneapolis to Green Bay and mistakenly drove south a ways before realizing that we wanted to be headed east.  We then course corrected by getting off the Interstate and driving across the center of Wisconsin on a State Road that ultimately lead us into Oshkosh and from there to Green Bay where we had tickets for a Packers’ game.  The couple informed me that they had lived just south of Oshkosh in a town named Ripon.  I told them that I can’t recall whether or not we drove thru Ripon but I do know that I saw enough of Wisconsin to last me a lifetime. 

My second conversation involved a young lady who came in the Store later in the day and grabbed a 12 pack of beer.  As she was paying for her purchase, I said what I usually say to ladies like this who are buying beer “Lemme guess, he’s fishing and because you’re such a nice lady, you volunteered to come get the beer for him while he continues to fish.”  She replied “Actually he’s in the house we are renting with our 4 kids; but I did volunteer to come get the beer – for both of us.”  One of my Buzzy ladies offered to buy her a beer so she could stay a bit more saying “The longer you’re away, the more he’ll appreciate you when you return.”  I started to interject “Not if he’s home alone with the kids waiting for you to bring home the beer.  That could go both ways.”  Instead I wished the lady good luck as she declined the beer offer, grabbed her 12 pack and headed out the door.    Afterwards, I thought of the following photo taken by Kim Wiley awhile back and wished that I had suggested to the lady that she go home and bring everyone back to Buzzy’s where all of them could have a good time.

Like Kids in a Candy Store

The Jeff Daniels’ interview on CBS Sunday Morning that I was watching when the couple from Carolina came into the Store follows.  The entire interview is great, but I lost it at the 4:20-5:00 mark when Jeff says “Knee deep in decency and treating people with respect, all those basics.  That was Dad. I miss him.”  I know exactly what he was talking about there.

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