Support Pier 450

As most of you know, my friend Peggy Binzel has been working very hard with the powers-that-be to open and run her business Pier 450 as a first class operation at the end of Wynne Road.  With over a year in business now, Peggy and her business partner Cathy are still negotiating their way through the myriad of regs and red tape that all small businesses, but in particular bars and restaurants, have to comply with in order to conduct business.  I recognize that all these regs are in place for valid reasons, but at some point it all becomes too much.   

Please take a few minutes to look over and sign the linked petition showing your support for Pier 450 (click here.)  They are aiming for 500 signatures and I just became their 363rd.  

Van knew that there would be days like this:

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