Things That Caught My Eye

Doing a daily blog makes me keep a lookout for things of interest that catch my eye as I bop around the corridors of internet high school.  (There is that theory that all of life is simply high school and that you never really move on beyond that.  Not 100% sure I agree with that, but it is something to think about.  Consider Buzzy’s Country Store then as your Cafeteria where you take a break from life’s studies!)

But when something does make my Buzzy cut as “blog worthy,” I will usually stash it away for possible inclusion here on a future blog post.  Here are some things that I had in the Buzzy files:   

St. Mary’s County Library Microfilm Collection — Microfilm Image Viewer (

And my favorite item:

And last but not least, well ok perhaps it is the least funny.  However, it sets up the video for you.

And if you can’t figure it out for yourself:

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