Bernie Sevel – Nathan Shuman’s Grandson

This past Saturday Jon Sevel and his 97 year old dad Bernie made the trip down from Baltimore to visit Buzzy’s Country Store.  Buzzy’s was started by Bernie’s Grandfather Nathan Shuman.  Bernie spent summers at the store and related several great memories and stories from his time spent there.  The following is from Jon’s FB page:

Bernie confirmed that the Store was indeed relocated from Pt. Lookout at the War’s end. He told about his grandfather having had the store rolled up from the Prison Camp pulled by 2 oxen and eventually situated where it now stands. (For previous post I did on this (click here.)

It was great to have heard such an eyewitness discuss the store’s origins and history and legacy.   I hope Bernie makes several more return visits to Buzzy’s and tell us more.

Music-wise here is a nice Maroon 5 tune that reminded me of the quote “The best thing about memories is making them.”

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