Twofer Tuesday – Rivalries

 The Yankees and Red Sox Play a one game wild card elimination game tonight.  Their rivalry falls into what I refer to as my “Good, one of them has got to lose” file.  Only a couple sports rivalries fall into this file – Duke vs. North Carolina and whenever The Steelers play New England.

All in all it got me thinking about sports’ greatest overall rivalries.  I found this excellent list ranking the 100 Most Heated Rivalries in sports.  (Again I dub it an “excellent” list because all you have to do is scroll thru it as opposed to doing the click/slide show thing.)

Sure enough the Yankees/Sox comes in at #8 on the rankings as follows:

My other “one’s-got-to-lose” Duke/Carolina matchup also made the list and was ranked #10:

As for the Steelers vs. New England, it was not on the list but the Steelers vs. my Ravens earned a spot at #39:

The Cowboys/Redskins (#31) rivalry ranked ahead of the Steelers/Ravens.  For all you car buffs, Ford vs. Chevrolet came in at #82 with this to say:

Back to baseball for a moment, although the Yankees/Sox game will garner alot of attention tonight, the Vegas folks are not giving either of them much of a chance to win this years’ World Series:

Note that the Yankees, Red Sox and Cardinals are the least favored to win it all.  And while I would never bet on the Yankees nor the Red Sox, if I absolutely had to have some betting action on the MLB post season, I would have to bet on my second favorite baseball team the Cardinals to win it all this year.  The Cards have played some great ball down the stretch and in the post season that’s all you can ask for – play some good ball and good things will happen.  However, they start off playing the Dodgers and would then have to play the Giants, so the oddsmakers know that they have a very tough road ahead of them.  Let the games begin however.  (Note that the Dodgers vs. the Giants is ranked #11 on the rivals’ listing🙂

And speaking of rivals competing with one another, check out Taylor trying to be a bad ass:

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