Jagger in a Bar

And speaking of “It’s only rock and roll” (previous post) guess by now you have seen the “Mick Jagger Got a Beer Unnoticed” story after he tweeted out the following:

His tweet went viral and prompted a lot of comments such as these:

“Looks like he is waiting on a friend.”

“Mick couldn’t get what he wanted, but all he needed was a beer.”

“He didn’t stay because there were no honky tonk women there.”

“I walk into a bar all the time and no one notices.  Mick does it, takes a picture of it and it looks like the cover of a classic rock album” 

“Mick couldn’t get no satisfaction so he went looking for the Beav.”

The Beav in this case was a Charlotte dive bar known as The Thirsty Beaver Saloon.  It too has an interesting back story in that it’s owners have refused to sell out to the developers all around them.  Nice of Mick to give them some free publicity and notoriety even if The Beav will now be forever known as “the bar where nobody recognized Mick Jagger.”.

If the Stones ever come back to play in the D.C. area I may have to invite Mick to pay a visit to Buzzy’s Country Store. Then again Buzzy’s is more of a Keith kinda place don’t you think?! Here he is playing in 2003 concert in Paris. (Song contains some good lyrics that are tough to hear in this video so I have included them below for you.)  Also, it made me a little sad to see Charlie playing here now that he has moved on.


Worked the bars and sideshows along the twilight zone 
Only a crowd can make you feel so alone 
And it really hit home 
Booze and pills and powders, 
you can choose your medicine 
Well here’s another goodbye to another good friend 

After all is said and done 
Gotta move while it’s still fun 
Let me walk before they make me run 
Watched the taillights fading, there ain’t a dry eye in the house 
They’re laughing and singing 
Started dancing and drinking as I left town 
Gonna find my way to heaven, ’cause I did my time in hell 
I wasn’t looking too good but I was feeling real well

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