Bobby Wimberly

Funeral for Bobby Wimberly today at St. Michael’s.  When I read his obit (click here) discussing how much “he enjoyed fishing and crabbing after being taught by his grandfather and passed those skills onto his sons” it reminded me of this Buzzyblog post from April 2nd of this year:


With Bobby’s and Mike Raley’s passing, that now marks 7 of my 8th grade graduation classmates who have moved on.  Bobby, whose birthday was in July, was the only one of those 7 to have made it to age 70.  Given that there were 33 of us in that 8th grade class, Catholic school math tells me that approximately 20% of us are no longer around here and that sounds like a higher than average number to me.  (Note – the little bit of research I did on Life Expectancy averages revealed that it varies depending on several factors (click here for Social Security’s actuarial numbers.)  But from what I did read, it seems that those of us born in the early 50’s are looking at a punch out date somewhere in our mid-70’s to early 80’s.  Obviously, for my 7 gone classmates that does not compute.) 

But back to where I began and that was talking about Bobby.  When I went looking for photos of Mike (yesterday’s post) I found a whole page of baby pics of Bobby in one of my Mom’s old photo albums.  My Mom was Bobby’s Godmother and Bobby’s Mom, Peggy, was my Godmother.  Here is one of those photos with Mom’s inscription(s):

Sad but nice little tune here from Jackson.  That’s Don Henley and David Crosby singing backup.

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