Twofer Tuesday – Mike Posts

Lorie Raley asked me if I had any photos of Mike to add to a display she is preparing for his funeral next Monday.  I spent the better part of yesterday walking down memory lane looking thru years and years of photos.  Of course, I was able to find several of Mike and eventually pass them along to Lorie for the display.

Thanks to the search feature (scroll down to bottom of page) here on the Buzzyblog, for the 2007 and forward years, I simply entered Mike’s name and it took me to the many times that I have mentioned and shown photos of him here on the Buzzyblog.  Since it’s a Twofer Tuesday then, here are two of those previous posts where I showed a photo with Mike in them:


This second post features a photo taken by my daughter Reagan at Mike’s 60th birthday party that we had for him at Buzzy’s Country Store (click here for related post on that.)  I like this photo of him pointing out to someone he saw and recognized behind the counter.  (It was his signature move when he first saw someone he knew.)


As noted, we had a birthday party for Mike at Buzzy’s when he turned 60 in 2011.  Here is the flyer on that:

I also did a brief post, but with no photos, on it that you can read by clicking here.

As I have mentioned previously, Mike was always a big Doors’ fan.  Since both he and Jim are now on the other side, this tune seems appropriate:

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