From the Book of Merton

Whenever I am feeling down and adrift, I will consult with Father Thomas Merton to see what he’s got to say to me.   

Some days, what he has to say doesn’t make much sense.  He talks a lot about nature and spirituality and his words won’t resonant with me given the feelings I am feeling on that particular day.  Although I will try to reconcile Merton’s message for the day with how I am feeling,  some days it simply just doesn’t work.     

However, there are some days, like today, where he will hit me with his best shot when I am dealing with several issues.  This was his daily meditation for today titled No New Fires: 


Thank you, Father.

And since I quoted it, here is the song made famous by Pat Benatar but used to good effect in the movie Rock of Ages starring Catherine Zeta and company:

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