Congratulations Barbara and Jack!

After Friday’s messy day, Saturday’s weather turned out to be a wonderful day for Barbara and Jack to tie the knot – literally.  (More on that later.)  They did so in a beautiful ceremony held at Beth and Joe Joseph’s house on Cuckold Creek and surrounded by loving family and friends.  It truly was a beautiful day in every way.  Check out a couple of photos I managed to grab:

Wes Escorting His Mom (On Left is Official Wedding Photographer Cheron Cooper)

Barb, Lori and Terri

Jack’s Mom Helen and Two of Her Great Grandsons Michael and Dylan.  Their Mom Heather Is the Background as is Some Big Guy Named Kevin

Kim and Barb

Barb and Jack

I even managed to talk Joan into the classic “Rose Between Two Thorns” pose for my wife Pam to take the following photo of Chris, her and me.

Wish I’d Buttoned Up My Jacket Like Chris Did

As for the tying the knot business, Barbara and Jack did just that using a family tartan cloth.  Wedding Officiant Sarah Lepper-Brenzo explained the custom as having to do with something called handfasting. (I found this article and excerpts discussing it:)

Since it’s Sunday and we are talking weddings, I will pass along what I consider to be the best wedding song ever written. Of the 300-plus weddings that  I have been to in my lifetime, this one always seemed to be the best at summing up the feelings and emotions on such a great day as when you wed the one you love. Paul Stookey of Peter Paul and Mary gets credit for writing the song but attributes Divine Inspiration for the song’s origins (click here.)  God sure knows how how to write a tune doesn’t He?  (Wonder who is getting all the royalities.)

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