All This and A Beaver Moon

Instead of Throwback Thursday lets do a Throwdown Thursday of some different things I’ve been collecting for no reason other than they made me pause, check them out and go 👍.  (First, and probably last Buzzyblog emoji.)

Been trying to get my 5 Buzzy Pats together for a group shot and finally managed to grab 4 of them. (Pat Stover and his wife Linda are somewhere out there touring the USA in their RV, but I’m still hopeful I can catch up with him and these 4 other folks.)  Maybe at the Buzzy Christmas Party.

Guy, Woodburn, Adams and Birmingham – Sounds Like a Law Firm Doesn’t It?

In case you didn’t pick up on how I very casually slipped that Buzzy Christmas Party reference in there, it is set for one month away on 18 December so mark your calendars.  We’ll start early-ish, around 5 p.m., so you can drop in, mix and mingle, eat and drink and move on to any other parties you have going down that same evening.  Once again, Capt. Jimmy will be cooking up some oysters and as always there will be lots of other good things on the Buzzy serving table. 

And for another subtle segue, since we’re talking about drinking some libations at the Buzzy Christmas party, here is a photo I came upon of Keith “tuning” up to play. Note the Coors Banquets along with the Jack and Coke.

And since I promised you the moon, well here it is:

Friday’s Beaver Moon will feature a near-total lunar eclipse (

As to why it is called a Beaver Moon, it is not what you perverts are thinking. This from a respected source: 

For the Beaver Moon, one interpretation is that mid-fall was the time to set beaver traps before the swamps freeze to ensure a supply of warm winter furs. Another interpretation suggests that the name Beaver Moon came from how active the beavers are in this season as they prepare for winter. (From click here.)

Back to Keith for some music, here he is almost 50 years down the road from the above photo playing with the Stones in St. Louis on the opening night of their current tour.  If you want to fast forward past all of the introductions go to the 2:50 mark:

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