Staying Calm at OCI

Here is a blog post beginning I never thought I would be writing:  Pam and I were at Olde Country Inn Saturday night……  

But it’s true, we were there with our friends Iris and Robert to listen to some music being played by  the Bardogs.   It was a night of firsts for us I guess you can say, because earlier we had been to dinner at Chief’s for our first return visit there following a Covid-induced break of a couple of years.  Place looked great, dinner and service were excellent and as I told David Dent following his “Good to see you guys” opening “It’s good to be back.”   

After dinner then, we moseyed a mile down the road to catch our friend Boz (Robert Boswell) and his bandmates playing some music at OCI.  Saturday night marked Boz’s farewell gig with the Bardogs as he has decided now is the time for him to give up his rock n roll ways.  

While listening to Boz and the Bardogs play, I had a good view of the pool table and couldn’t help noticing how well a young lady was shooting as she continuously won game after game.  Being only a little sexist, I found myself marveling at how good she was running the table and defeating her male opponents.  But it was the shirt she was wearing that also caught my eye.  Here is one similar to what she had on but with this same inscription: 

I hit the iphone’s Google machine to see the translation as “Calm down or I will calm you down.”  A further google search did not reveal any of the origins of where this quote came from.  But while I wondered about it, I thought of another popular “calming quote” that I have seen several times:

Think I tend to agree with that one more so than with my pool shooting lady’s advice/threat.

Because Pam and I were well past our bedtimes, we only stayed for about an hour at OCI listening to the Bardogs.  While we were there however, the Bardogs never did play any Taylor Swift (and something tells me they didn’t either after we left.)  So here’s one of her “calm down” songs for you:


Wonder if Taylor has a “Calm you down” shirt.

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