Two Lighthouse Keepers

The following info was sent to me from my buddy Larry Yeatman.  It is from an excellent article in the current issue of Lighthouse Digest discussing his Great Grandfather and his Grand Father’s roles as lighthouse keepers.   (There is also a photo of his father Harry on page 17 that I have included below.)  The article discusses how the two Yeatmans were keepers at Pt. Lookout and Piney Point Lighthouses.  Here are a couple other excerpts from the article.  (If you’d like to read the entire article shoot me an email and I’ll send you a pdf link.)

Larry’s brother Ted noted in an email the following clarification:


Good story and thank you Larry and Ted for passing it along to me.  Here too is another photo from the article.  Look closely and I’m sure you will recognize some Yeatmans in there.

I made a pass thru First Friendship and St. Michael’s Graveyards to find their Grandfathers’ resting spots.  It wasn’t too difficult to locate them because they were the only ones with a Lighthouse Keeper marker. 

60 minutes did a nice review of a revised Get Back movie due out next week.  Must see T-V for all us aging/aged Beatles’ fans.

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