Billie Mattingly

I mentioned Judge Mattingly the other day in a post about my buddy Robby having to appear before him. The Judge passed away in 1999 (click here) but his wife Billie, at 99 years young, is still going strong. She was in Buzzy’s Country Store just last Sunday with two of her daughters Helen and Louise and son-in-law Bob Mann.  

I’m not sure what they were discussing here in this photo, but it appears that Billie may be questioning something that Bob said.  (Probably not the first time that that has ever occurred.)

Helen, Louise, Billie and Bob

Charlie Simms, who is “only” 95, was seated on the other side of the bar from Billie.  I teased him that for once he was not the Most Senior Person in Buzzy’s.  Charlie, always quick with a quip, noted that it was a title that he did not mind giving up.  Now there is a good life goal for all of us – to be in our 90’s, sitting in some bar, knocking one back and making jokes about who is older among the other folks who are also there.  

Louise and Billie Leaving Buzzy’s

Beatles song for you.


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