St. James Deli – Very Close!

My friends Sherry and Dave Thompson are readying for their Grand Re-opening of St. James Deli.  This from a recent post by their builder:

(5) Colony Builders Inc. | Facebook

Then there was this comment which sounds about as valid as any other far fetched comment about the origins of the virus.

In a recent visit to Buzzy’s Country Store, Dave told me that the supply shortages have impacted things such that there is even a wait period for shelving.  I told him he could borrow some of Buzzy’s vintage 1950’s wooden shelves until his arrived.   He has yet to take me up on that offer.

(Note – I did a quick search of the local newspaper archives for articles related to St. James and the local area and came upon these two great articles written by Mrs. Pauline Sivak and Joe Norris for the St. Mary’s Beacon in 1982 (click here.))
And speaking of great, check out this AC/DC version of On Broadway.  There is only one problem with it and I began to wonder about it too when I first watched it and saw Angus doing all that one handed soloing at the 1:35 mark.  I remember thinking “Holy hell, how’d he do all that?!”  Well, turns out he didn’t, because the video is a fake and the actual guitar playing was by Brett Garsed and was dubbed in (click here.)  Still, it’s a pretty cool video.

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