Happy Diwali – A Day Late



I was at the dentist’s office yesterday for a cleaning and when the hygenist finished doing her thing she had the young dentist Jonathan come in to examine my teeth.  Jonathan is the son of Dr. Joseph Luke who has been my dentist since the early 90’s.  I am one of Dr. Luke’s “oldest” clients in that I started visiting him when he first began working in the area back in the late 80’s.  Jonathan has recently graduated from the University of Maryland in 2018 and has now joined his Dad’s practice.    

When Jonathan came into the room and said good morning to me, I replied by wishing him “Happy Diwali.”  He appeared to be a little taken aback because obviosuly he wasn’t expecting to hear that from me.  (Remember that  Jonathan was born and raised in Leonardtown and thus is officially more of a County boy than I am because I was born in Oklahoma.) 

I told Johnathan how, thanks to his Dad, I had actually been to India and had gotten to see and experience Diwali while there staying in New Delhi.  (I have mentioned this previously here on the Buzzyblog (click here.)    I explained to Jonathan that it was his Dad who first suggested that Buzzy and I visit India in the mid-90’s.  Shortly after Dr. Luke’s suggestion, Buzzy received a special discounted offer from a group known as Overseas Adventure inviting us to tour India and we did so.

It turned out to be a great trip and that it concluded in New Delhi just as Diwali was taking place, made it all the more memorable.   I found this video on yesterday’s event. 

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