Speaking of throwback references (yesterday’s post) do you remember the T-V show That Was the Week That Was?  It only ran for couple of years in the early 60’s but it was very good.  A political satire show, TW3 was hosted by David Frost and several other comedians and writers who went onto to bigger and better things e.g. Buck Henry and Alan Alda.

That show’s title came to my mind as I reviewed my previous week from last Wednesday.  During those 7 days, I made two trips to Dulles, went to two funerals and attended one of the best weddings that I have ever been to.  I also made it to two birthday parties, one of which was Sunday at Buzzy’s Country Store and the other a very nice Tuesday evening dinner party at Pier 450.   And last Thursday night, after playing golf earlier in the day with Brady, I rendezvoused with some good friends for a great oyster dinner.  Throw in the tidal flood in my backyard on Friday and that really was the week that was! 

Jack, His Mom Helen and His Sister Kathleen at Wes’ Birthday Party 

The 2 trips to Dulles involved taking Shea to and from there.  Friday morning I took him to catch a flight down to Key West and check in with Steph and the kids as well meet with the builder of their house in Marathon.   

On our return trip home from Dulles yesterday, Shea told me how he landed in Key West right in the midst of their annual Fantasy Fest which he described as the Mardi Gras on steriods.  (Fantasy Fest is a 10 day adult party leading up to Halloween.  The main word in that description is ADULT because clothing is considered an optional accessory at the Fest.  Just google Fantasy Fest Photos and you will see what I mean – lot of nice “tatoos.” 

In what turned out to be one of the last concerts that I took Mike Raley to, we saw 38 Special at Wolf Trap in 2018.  I had forgotten about this tune of their’s until they performed it for us during the show.  The video features Anna Nicole Smith before she did what she did:

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