There Goes the Judge

Congrats to my friend Judge Dave Densford upon his 10 November retirement from the St. Mary’s County Circuit Court.  (Note that I am a little late doing this because I have been waiting to try and download a better copy of the following article.   The County Times, while having all their other November issues archived, (click here)  for some reason skipped over the 11 Nov issue that this article appeared in.  How does that happen that when you go looking for a specific item, the exact one you want is not included?)

However, I took this photo of the article and apologize for the so-so appearance.

As stated “Congratulations Dave” and thank you for your years of service. 

Speaking of retirement isn’t it about time for Judge Judy, who recently turned 80, to hit the old cruise control button and ride off into the sunset?  Seems like she’s been around forever doesn’t it?  Guess there is no mandatory retirement age for T-V stars.   That said, I do kinda enjoy watching her and appreciate her sense of humor such as letting Larry appear before her here:

The actor playing Larry’s witness Leon Black is JB Smooth who is currently appearing in the Caesar’s Sports Book commercials leading me to conclude that I like him much better as Leon.

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