Twofer Tuesday: Alison and Robert

Fourteen years ago Alison Krauss and Robert Plant released an album that would would eventually be awarded 5 Grammies including Album of the Year (click here.)  Here is a good interview from back then where they discuss how they met and decided to record that album.   

At the end of the interview they mention doing a second album.  Well, it’s only taken them 14 years to do so, but their Raise the Roof was recently released.  Like it’s predecessor, the album features cover tunes that are easy to listen to and put you in a mellow kinda mood.  

All that said however, as I listen to tunes from both albums, I keep waiting and wanting to hear Robert bust out in that banshee wail of his “Ah, ah, ah, we come from the land……” As Little Bob said “Rock and roll never forgets.” 

At Buzzy’s Country Store all Zepp tunes get turned up when they are played on the radio.   To date, no Alison/Robert tune has made that cut.

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