Buzzy Christmas Party 2012

The Buzzy Christmas Party of 2012 was noteworthy for a couple of reasons.  Look thru my photos here and one football-related reason will become apparent to you while the other one I’ll have to explain some.

That 2012 NFL football season was the year of RGIII and the Redskins who advanced to the playoffs.  That is why you see Bart, Cheryl and Craig sporting their burgundy and gold. (Still I think the coolest looking colors and uniform in the NFL and hope they keep.)

The second, not-so-obvious reason why the 2012 Buzzy Christmas party was particularly special, has to do with my photo above of my Granddaughter Lily and daughter-in-law Caitie.   The Buzzy Chhristmas party that year was Caitie and Brady’s first date.  (Yes, Brady brought her to Buzzy’s on their first date to impress her!)  Caitie camped out behind the counter and immediately won everyone over including Lily.  Just after I took this photo, Lily asked Caitie “Are you going to marry my Uncle B?”  

Well, long story short, the title of my blog post a couple years later was “Lily Knew.” I have previously discussed that here on the Buzzyblog (click here) but check out this excerpt:

Music-wise I finally tracked this Christmas tune down after a number of years of trying unsuccessfully to do so.  Whenever I would hear it, I would try and listen closely to catch the title so I could locate it later on Youtube.  Despite my guesses at what the title could be however, I was never able to find it.  

All that changed thanks to the app Shazam that identifies songs for you.  As Pam and I were in CVS the other day to get our second shingles shots, I heard the tune playing on their sound system and Shazammed it.  Here is what I received back from them:

And here is that tune.  Note that the title is not mentioned.  Note too, that it is about a couple who meet and have trouble hooking up until they both need cranberries.  All they had to do was go to Buzzy’s on their first date!

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